The healthcare industry is experiencing a rapid shift in the business model of healthcare delivery. The importance of collaboration between hospitals, providers, and post-acute care settings is the key to advancing value-focused delivery systems across the care continuum. What are the benefits of this coordination across various healthcare settings as the patient transitions to the next care setting?

Download the webinar where investor and serial entrepreneur Terri Maxwell interviews StoneGate Senior Living’s Vice President of Provider Relations, Mike Beaty.

During this informative session, you will learn about:

  • The need for hospitals to collaborate with post-acute providers to avoid unnecessary re-hospitalizations, ensure better patient transitions across care settings, deliver better care and provide an improved patient experience.
  • Role of post-acute care settings in delivering quality care for the best possible clinical outcome.
  • Role of providers as critical partners in the transition toward a more integrated and value-focused delivery system.
  • How access to patient data across healthcare industry players is vital in facilitating coordinated care, better outcomes, and to meet patient’s needs.

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