COVID-19 Impacted Facilities

Dear StoneGate Patients, Residents, and Families of Our Guests,

Image: Masked Family During PandemicLike you, we are overjoyed with the declining incidences of COVID in our communities, and especially in our facilities as the vaccines begin to protect us.

There have been many announcements from state and local government officials regarding changes to prior mandates and restrictions which are an encouraging step.

We want to remind you however that our Healthcare centers are governed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, a federal agency. [Related: CDC — How to Protect Yourself & Others]

Please be patient with us and look for instruction directly from your, or your loved one’s, specific facility.

We are eager to welcome visitors as well, but circumstances and restrictions may differ from community to community. [Related: What to Expect During Your Visit]

StoneGate Senior Living Management

Please click the facility name below for additional information about its COVID care.

NOTE: StoneGate Senior Livingand its facilities — do not administer the COVID vaccine to non-residents and patients. Please contact a private doctors’ office, the local health department clinic, an urgent care clinic, or a local pharmacy.

Page Updated: March 25, 2021