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About Us

About StoneGate

StoneGate Senior Living, LLC provides support services to senior living and care properties that offer skilled health care, assisted living, memory support and independent living at locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Founded and led by a team of senior living industry veterans, StoneGate understands that careful attention to customer expectations is vital to the success of a senior living and care community. We understand that services must gratify the wants, needs and expectations of diverse customers. StoneGate’s team of industry experts provides important support services in the following areas:

Dining Your Way

Dining Your Way meal service offers restaurant-style dining, décor and flexible times that cater to individual customer preferences. The Dining Your Way advance ordering system allows residents to enjoy freshly prepared meals at their preferred time, without lengthy waits.

Activities, Events & Wellness

We work hard to keep the joy in day-to-day life. Short-term and long-term residents enjoy a wide range of activities and events, tailor-made to amuse, entertain and inform. From Domino tournaments and day trips to music therapy, movies and musical entertainment, there’s something for everyone. As providers of post-acute and long-term skilled nursing care, we understand to enhance both an individual’s health and quality of life requires more than just clinical expertise; it requires attention to the emotional, spiritual, social, psychological, and physical needs of our patients. Providing interesting and varied activities and events is one more way we promote healing and recovery.

Care & Support

Whether the need is for extensive health care services or just a little support with daily activities, StoneGate-supported properties are staffed by professional care providers who offer important clinical expertise and understanding of today’s seniors and their families.


StoneGate properties strive to reach customer satisifaction. We value customer feedback as it’s used to constantly improve service and enhance the customer expierence.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service revolves around fostering an environment of empathy, respect, and personalized care for residents and their families. It entails actively listening to residents’ needs, preferences, and concerns, and responding with compassion and professionalism. Staff members should strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, maintain clear communication channels, and be responsive to requests, ensuring that residents feel valued, heard, and supported throughout their stay. Additionally, proactive measures such as continuous training, quality improvement initiatives, and regular feedback mechanisms help maintain high standards of customer service and enhance the overall quality of care provided in the nursing home.

StoneGate-supported properties are designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere with all the qualities of home and more. Thoughtfully-planned care and services foster enhanced well being for residents and important peace of mind for their families.

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