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Memory Care

Memory Care

StoneGate supported Alzheimers / Dementia properties offer specialized living arrangements known as Pathways Neighborhood. living arrangements for seniors with memory impairments that have progressed to the point where they can no longer care for themselves. For any senior, you’ll want to find a facility that is roomy and comfortable. But for someone with Alzheimer’s, the physical design and layout of a facility are also important. If the person is physically active, as so many with early and middle stage Alzheimer’s are, the facility must provide enough space to move about freely, without a sense of confinement. But because Alzheimer’s patients often wander the space must also be safe and secure. Our facilities combine space and safety by using a circular design for hallways, which permits residents to walk about in any direction for as long as they want, without being stopped or confused by intersecting corridors, or secured doors. Besides a room and meals in a common dining area, our properties provide constant supervision, formal nursing care plans, help with activities of daily living (ADLs) and personalized care designed to offer patients as much mental and memory stimulation as possible.
Those with Alzheimer’s can benefit from programs designed to address symptoms particular to the early and middle stages of the disease. Special arts and crafts work, reading, word games, and outings can help residents stay mentally alert. Memory enhancement programs can slow memory loss. Resident participation in room and hallway decoration can help residents stay oriented within the facility. Physical exercise can be tailored to those with relatively healthy bodies but poor balance or coordination.

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