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Oklahoma Visitor Guidelines

Oklahoma Expands Nursing Home Visitor Guidelines

While outdoor and virtual visits remain the safest option, indoor visits are now an option for any resident not under a transmission-based safety precaution (quarantine). NOTE: Compassionate visits for designated essential caregivers remain in place and as an available option.

An exception to the state’s newly expanded visits is if the county incident rates — and the resident vaccination rates — do not meet a specific threshold. Face masks and similar personal protective equipment (PPE) precautions must still be observed.

Outdoor Visits & Outings

Oklahoma’s new guidelines also permit outdoor facility visits and extended outings.

Outings, such as church attendance and non-essential medical appointments, are now allowable for non-quarantined residents. Furthermore, the prior requirement to quarantine upon return has been lifted — unless the resident had a known exposure to COVID-19 while on the outing.

Your patience is appreciated as we work to implement these new protocols as well as share this information with all our families. Moreover, we look forward to you and your loved ones’ ability to visit more freely and frequently.

Welcome back!

Please contact your facility to schedule a visit and to learn of any additional restrictions for your area.